When should I replace my water heater?

Water Heater

When should I replace my old water heater?

To start, I am seeing water heaters fail at about 6-10 years without expansion tanks in the Longmont area, and with expansion tanks lasting 10-20 years.

So, really the question is how can I tell when my water heater will fail so I can save my money and get the most out of the old one? And the answer to that is it is impossible to tell.

I like to ask people if their water heater were to rupture, usually they drip excessively, and the water appears to come out of the bottom. Where is that water going to go? If the answer is towards a floor drain without doing any damage, then they can afford to wait. I do lots of same and next day water heaters. If your water heater is in a closet off the kitchen, no floor drain and a finished entertainment room downstairs, then the answer is obviously sooner rather than later.

I am happy to give you a no obligation quote over the phone and text so you can make a more educated guess.

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