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A new water heater is a big purchase. Here at Longmont Water Heaters we chat about what you have, I look as some pics you take, and then I give you a price in advance so you know exactly what it will cost.



Longmont Water Heaters's focus is water heaters and water heaters only. Mike used to own and operate Greater Western Plumbing, but when that ended he wanted to hone in his focus to his specialty, WATER HEATERS!

Customer Service

Customer Service

At Longmont Water Heaters, all I do is water heaters in Longmont. It is my specialty and I do a lot of them. Give me a call at 970-389-2285 and lets talk about your water heater.


There is water all over my floor! Now What?

Most people don't swap thier water heaters until it is to late. Know that you are not alone.

1. Turn off the gas valve.

2. Unplug it if it has a plug in.

3. There should be a shut off valve above your water heater (usually on the right, cold inlet) close that. You have now limited the amout of water that will continue to leak.

4. Take a deep breath. You already made the right first step in coming here.

I need a new water heater. Where do I start?

Right here, good job, you already did that part.

What is the best water heater I can get?

I usually end up installing the modern equivilant of whatever you have now. Switching to a different style, like tank to tankless is a big step up in COST. But I am happy to talk about your options. Shoot me a call at 970-389-2285

What are the types of water heaters?

Listed from most common to least common:

1. Gas Tank - Atmospheric vent - That is the thin metal vent coming out of the top

2. Electric Tank - Wire coming out of the top

3. Power Direct Vent - 2 PVC pipes coming out of the top

4. Power Vent - a Fan on top and then a single pipe either PVC or metal coming out of the top

5. Gas Tankless - no tank, 1 or 2 pipes coming out of the top. For more info on whether a tankless is right for you, click here

6. Electric Tankless - we don't see to many of these around Longmont

7. Sidearm - A sidearm is a storage tank without a heating mechanism, so the water would get heated somewhere else like a boiler next to the sidearm

How long will this take?

I can typically do next day service if you are doing a "like for like" water heater swap.

The actual installation will usually take 2-6 hours depending on the tank water heater you choose.

For a tank to tankless swap it usually takes 1-2 days.


99 - 5 star Reviews

Mike was an absolute delight to work with. He answers his own phone (no dispatch or front office to go through), gave me all the information I needed, and was able to replace our hot water heater within 24 hours. His prices are very reasonable, and...

- David D. - Another 5 Star Rating for Longmont Water Heaters

I'm glad I met Mike. He did the job quickly and his work is of high quality. He priced the job fairly, not like others I spoke with. I will be sending his contact information to my son-in-law for work he wants done.

- Edwin G. - Another 5 Star Rating for Longmont Water Heaters

Mike did a wonderful job. If you have a water heater problem and you don’t use his services, you’re probably paying too much and getting too little. He’s honest, does excellent work, is efficient, uses solid products, goes the extra mile, is timely,...

- Richard W. - Another 5 Star Rating for Longmont Water Heaters

Dont hesitate to work with Longmont Water Heaters. Their prices were the best by a good margin and they dont skip on the details. Everything looks great and Mike is great to work with and very personable.

- Logan G. - Another 5 Star Rating for Longmont Water Heaters


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We stay in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line.


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