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Who is Longmont Water Heaters, really?

My name is Mike Stahlman and I am the owner and sole employee of Longmont Water Heaters. I specialize in water heaters and it is all I do. I try to make Longmont Water Heaters look big and important on the internet, because that is what leads to clicks and leads, but in reality, I am a one man show that wakes up in the morning and focuses on SEO and accounting, and then I head out and repair and replace water heaters until the end of the day.

That address that pops up on Google Maps is my house, and corporate headquarters is an old U-Haul that I love, because it allows me to carry everything I need for most water heaters, and I still have room to stand up the heaters, so they if you buy a heater from me, it has never laid down.

I came up with this business plan because as long as I am strong enough to lug water heaters up the stairs by myself, I can keep doing this and still keep it affordable for the customer, and pay my salary. I am a master plumber, but that is a big field. I like being good at things so I focus on knowing all I can about one small aspect of plumbing. In this case water heaters. I used to own ½ of Greater Western Plumbing and my partner and I grew that to 9 employees and over a million in sales a year. I couldn’t handle the stress. This time I am keeping it simple.

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