How much does it cost to replace a water heater?

Water Heater

Well I am sure you are expecting "It depends on the type of water heater you have" and I am afraid this blog is no different. There are lots of different kinds, styles, types of water heaters. But I will spare you that speech and do my best to get to the bottom line

The most fiscally responsible replacement will be a "like for like" swap. For example, if you already have an atmospheric vent water heater, then redoing the venting and the gas lines to allow for a gas tankless will not be cost effective. And if you already have a gas tankless, redoing the exhaust won't be cost effective to go to an atmospheric vent water heater. But I will go ahead and list the types of water heaters and what you can expect to spend to replace them with a like for like swap.


Atmospheric Vent Water Heater then you will be looking at a bit over $2k to replace it.

Power Vent Water Heater then you will be looking at $3k-4k to replace it

Power Direct Vent Water Heater then you will be looking at $3.5k-4.5k to replace it

Electric Tankless - because of our very cold incoming water, we don't have many of these in Colorado. So I don't have a price for these.

Gas Tankless - you will be looking at 2.5k -4k to replace it.

Electric Water Heater - $1.5k-2.5K

Hybrid Heat Pump - you will be looking at 3k-4k to replace it

If you are looking to switch from one to another because you got solar power or because you want a tankless water heater, I have to redo a lot more things, so it is hard to give a range, but quotes are free. Sometimes I even come to your house for free to look at what you have going on, but often I can bid them via pics and texts.

The bottom line cost is most directly tied to the cost of the unit. And prices of water heaters do fluctuate. So give me a call: 970-389-2285

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